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Terms & Conditions
Use of Website
This website may not be used for the advertising or selling of any products or services not offered by Renascentia MediSpa & Wellness. You may not use the photos, content or any material on this website without the consent of Renascentia MediSpa & Wellness LLC. You may use this website at any time. Any illegal solicitations or activity may be reported to the authorities.
Website Content
Content and information published on the website is for educational and informative purposes. Services offered on the website are not 100% guaranteed to work on every individual. For more questions on services or products please contact us. Photos published on website are not to be published or utilized anywhere without permission.
Privacy Policy
Information may be collected on this website or any other affiliated source. Any Information collected will not be disclosed with third parties. The collection of information may be used for marketing purposes and other Renascentia MediSpa & Wellness services. The information collected may be used to contact you or identify you.
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